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your body is a landscape, your dreams are invitations, your medicine is in your hands

Writer | Dreamworker | Practitioner of Chinese Medicine

I help people who are looking for relief, or seeking to grow. I help people care for their health holistically and naturally, and find new inspiration and insight in their life journeys.


Let's get you right to a tool you need, like Fertility Awareness or self-acupressure. Or, let's dive deep into insights and guidance from dreamwork and Chinese medicine.

I love this work, and I've needed it myself. I offer this to you after years of my own healing and growing, and years helping clients find relief and clarity.


"Leilani is more comprehensive than anyone else I have had experience with. She gives her knowledge and understanding freely without imposing on your intuition and interpretation. I am so grateful to have her support."

- Trina B., Rancher & Mom of 5, Boulder, UT

"Leilani has an incredible capacity to 'hear' the story of our body and soul through dreams. Her rare combination of critical thinking, medical intelligence and poetic basis of mind make her a unique healer."

- Matthew C., Wilderness Guide, Boulder, UT


We're meeting 20 years into a journey that began when I sought healing, became a path of study and growth, and has expanded to include my work helping others. I've been blessed by the support of extraordinary teachers, doctors, and healers, and I'm grateful to be doing work I love.

I help people who want to heal and stay well, by teaching about food as medicine, self-massage with acupressure, and how to work with herbal remedies. I use some version of all these techniques myself, and when we work together, I’ll help you learn the approaches that work for you.

I support people who want to avoid pregnancy naturally, or get pregnant when they're ready to, by teaching them to fully understand their cycles. Fertility Awareness became a passion of mine in college, when I started using it myself. I loved the sense of possibility and empowerment I got. Seeing other people feel those things is still my favorite part of this work.

And I work with people who want to get clear about a question or a struggle in their lives - people who want to dive deep into working with their dreams, with mythological stories, and with reflective dialogue. Every one of these conversations is different, but they're all about those 'aha' moments.

I have a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from NUNM, where I studied acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition, and began my study of dreamwork. I'm certified as a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner through the Justisse College. At work, I treat, teach, and dialogue with people one-one-one all day long. At home, I'm a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and teacher who draws on all these same tools for myself and the people closest to me.

Let's get to know one another.

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Dreamwork | Food as Medicine | Fertility Awareness | Acupressure | Herbal Medicine | How Awesome You Are


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