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What’s Your Insomnia Type?

What's Your Insomnia Type Lifestyle Herbal Tea Acupressure by Leilani Navar

“I’m so tired… but I can’t sleep!!” I hear you. Let’s start figuring out WHY. What type of “can’t-sleep” is it? Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or both? Restless? Night sweats? Waking up too early? I love sleeping. And I love helping other people get good sleep, because it helps everything! Lack of sleep –…

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You’ve Called Me Out

Thank You Fridays for Future Youth for Calling Me Out and Giving Me Hope Leilani Navar

You’ve called me out, Greta Thunberg. My son. All you young people gazing beyond my lifetime, declaring, “This is not acceptable.” You are brave. You are determined. You have high expectations for humanity. And you’re right. In the last 10 years, I lost hope that humanity would wake up before it was too late. I…

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What’s for (healthy) breakfast?

What's for breakfast? by Leilani Navar

I like to start the day with warm lemon water, or hot ginger tea. But THEN what? Decisions, decisions. And conflicting opinions, conflicting opinions… One reason you see a wide variety of recommendations about how to eat is that there are lots of ways to eat that work. One reason you see such different recommendations…

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Q&A: Breast Tenderness after a Hysterectomy

Breast Tenderness after Hysterectomy Q&A by Leilani Navar at

Question: I’ve had a hysterectomy, but I still have my ovaries. Sometimes I get breast pain, and I wonder if it has to do with my cycle. Is there any way to tell where I am in my cycle, with no period? Answer: If you have your ovaries, you are probably still having an ovarian…

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Skills for Resilience

Skills for Resilience by Leilani Navar

So, there are some reasons to be alarmed right now, and reasons to be taking action. I feel there are the same reasons to be cultivating adaptability and resilience for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities. I’ve been reflecting on the skills/mindsets that I hope will serve me, my family and our community no matter…

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5 Ways Dreams Invite You to Insights about Your Physical Health

5 Ways Dreams Invite Insights about Physical Health by Leilani Navar at

You’ve had those dreams, right, that you just know are important? But you have no idea what they mean? In my experience, every dream is significant. But at first glance, I usually have no idea what a dream means either. Stepping into dreamwork is like stepping blindfolded into a space filled with sounds, scents, and…

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Metal Element Imagery in Dreams

Metal Imagery Symbols in Dreams for Healing and Chinese Medicine by Leilani Navar

Yes and no. The radiance of sound and light. Poignancy. Grief. In the cosmology of Chinese medicine, these resonate with the Metal element. This means they also resonate with the Lungs – think of an inhale, discernment of what stays and what goes, and an exhale. The Large Intestine – which also sorts what stays…

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