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5 Ways Dreams Invite You to Insights about Your Physical Health

5 Ways Dreams Invite Insights about Physical Health by Leilani Navar at healgrowthriveflow.com

A dream in which three rivers meet. One about two identical pools, side by side.  A dream of fire flaring out an attic window. A yellow zucchini flower being pulled out of rotting skin.  These images, shared with me in my Chinese medicine clinic, were rich with information about health, disease, and where to turn…

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Metal Element Imagery in Dreams

Metal Imagery Symbols in Dreams for Healing and Chinese Medicine by Leilani Navar healgrowthriveflow.com

Yes and no. The radiance of sound and light. Poignancy. Grief. In the cosmology of Chinese medicine, these resonate with the Metal element. This means they also resonate with the Lungs – think of an inhale, discernment of what stays and what goes, and an exhale. The Large Intestine – which also sorts what stays…

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The Emotional Healing Question – a Re-Frame

Emotional Healing Question Re-Frame What Emotional Healing Can I Do That Might Liberate New Energy for Healing by Leilani Navar healgrowthriveflow.com

I mean, EVERYBODY has emotional healing they could do. It’s true that in some cases, our emotional stuck-places are the most significant reason we’re ill. Sometimes they’re just one piece of the puzzle, one tree fallen across the stream, one straw on the back. I do believe that in all cases, those stuck-places restrict our…

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What is this stuff? Continuous Mucus & Fertility Awareness

July 2019 New Moon Note Continuous Mucus Leilani Navar healgrowthriveflow.com yourcycledays.com

“Continuous mucus,” or seeing some kind of discharge from the vagina every day, stops a lot of people from using Fertility Awareness. Not because it stops you from recognizing fertile and infertile days, but because it’s confusing at first. Confusion can be discouraging. So let me clarify this, and encourage you. Generally, we see cervical…

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Mint Tea for Stress

Mint Tea for Stress healgrowthriveflow.com

You know those cravings for sweet foods when you’re stressed? We get those cravings because the sweet flavor (temporarily) soothes the Liver network. If you go for a cookie or a sugary drink, though, you won’t really relieve your body’s stress, and you’ll get the negative effects of sugar on your nervous system and your…

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How Much Coffee Makes YOU Anxious?

How Much Coffee Makes You Anxious healgrowthriveflow.com

For some people it’s a sip, for some it’s anything over 2 cups. For me, it’s having more than 1 cup in a day. But I notice that even 1 cup raises things to a higher pitch, a little hum of urgency and agitation. And more sweating. Here’s a natural way of reducing anxiety that’s…

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When to “Expect” a Double Peak

when to expect a double peak leilani navar healgrowthriveflow.com

I got the flu a few months ago, and had a Double Peak for the first time years. I ovulated 10 days later than I usually do, and had a 40-day cycle. That means the window in which I could have gotten pregnant was about 10 days later than it typically is for me. I…

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Consider this Your Permission Slip

Consider this your permission slip healgrowthriveflow.com

You know that feeling that you can’t/shouldn’t take care of your own well-being because others are relying on you? Me too. I lived long years feeling like too much hung in the balance for me to bail on my responsibilities and take a nap, or a walk, or the time to write down a dream,…

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I’m Not Sorry You Didn’t Shave Before Acupuncture

I'm Not Sorry You Didn't Shave Before Acupuncture healgrowthriveflow.com

I’ve given thousands of acupuncture treatments, and it’s gotta be more than 100 times a woman has warned me, “I’m sorry, I didn’t shave.” When someone says sorry to me for this, I feel like it’s her who is owed an apology. An apology from everyone who ever told her that her body’s hair was…

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