Consider this your permission slip

You know that feeling that you can't/shouldn't take care of your own well-being because others are relying on you?

Me too. I lived long years feeling like too much hung in the balance for me to bail on my responsibilities and take a nap, or a walk, or the time to write down a dream, but I have really come to see this quote as true. Too much hangs in the balance for me NOT to.

Parents make all KINDS of things happen when they have to. Things come up, and we take care of them, even though those things weren't in the plan, even though there wasn't enough time.

Right now, I'm practicing making my own rest and healing two of those things.

When I first read this quote, it brought tears to my eyes. It was at a moment that I was struggling with admitting how exhausted I was, with how badly I needed to reduce my commitments and ask for help.

And it helped me. Here it is again, for anyone whom it might help. You deserve just as much good care as you give to others.