Do We Alternate Ovaries and Acupressure for Ovary Pain

Happy New Moon and Lunar New Year!

First for today, an acupressure tip.

If you have pain in your lower abdomen (whether it's in your ovaries during ovulation, or your uterus during menstruation), a great place to explore for tender points is right here at the base of the palm.

Feel around this circled area. Move your finger just a little bit at a time, and press as you go. See if you find a spot that stands out from the rest when you apply pressure. It might feel more sore, or tender.

If you find one, massage it in little circles, or press and hold it. Give this 2-5 minutes, and you can expect some pain relief.

If you regularly get lower abdominal pain, you can do this daily to help reduce it over time.

And, as always, if you have regular or severe pain, please take good care of your precious self and get some medical advice from a provider you trust.

Secondly, a Q&A:

If things are normal, would I always be feeling my ovulation on alternating sides, month to month? I think I just ovulated twice in a row on the left.

Many of us have heard that ovulation alternates from left to right each cycle. We've been told that the left ovary releases an egg, and then in the next cycle, the right one does.

In a study of "women of normal fertility" (as opposed to women dealing with infertility, who had been the only participants in this type of research before), ovulation happened on the SAME side as in the previous cycle JUST AS OFTEN as it happened on the OPPOSITE side from the previous cycle!

Hormonal balance and follicle size were no different, whether ovulation was repeated on the same side, or switched sides. It appears from this study that we're just as likely to lean left, or right, or go back and forth, and it's all the same for our reproductive health.

Thanks for reading! Wishing you each a new year of wellness, growth, and flow.