How Much Coffee Makes You Anxious

For some people it's a sip, for some it's anything over 2 cups. For me, it's having more than 1 cup in a day. But I notice that even 1 cup raises things to a higher pitch, a little hum of urgency and agitation. And more sweating.

Here's a natural way of reducing anxiety that's better than free – it actually saves you money: DRINK LESS COFFEE. Just as a prescription drug can cut down your anxiety, this cozy morning drug can ramp it up.

There are lots of natural, healing practices (like acupressure) that can soothe your system into balance. You can also PROTECT that balance with the ABSENCE of something (like caffeine).

Coffee is delicious. And addictive. I SO get that. I can go months without it, but then I have some as a treat one day, and for the next several days, I have this kind of thing going on in my head every morning:

“Mm, I want a coffee.”

“No, I'll feel better without it.”

“Shouldn't I just have a coffee?”

“No, I want to be relaxed today.”

“But what about coffee?”

“Gah! Drink this lemon water and go think about something else!”

So yeah. It might be hard to change your habit. If you're addicted, or pushing yourself in a lifestyle you don't actually have the energy for, it might be VERY hard.

But try having less, or try having decaf. For a week, or even a few days.

I can't even tell you how many patients of mine have seen their insomnia, anxiety, or heart palpitations get better just by quitting coffee.

If you need to play a little trick on your addicted brain, promise yourself extra coffee next week. (Spoiler: You likely won't want it, because you'll have been less anxious and had better sleep without it!)

P.S. Everything I just said - it's true about sugar too.