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Sara B kind words Leilani Navar

At every consultation, Leilani was kind and sensitive to my level of understanding. She offered a wide breadth of knowledge in nutrition and supplements that supported my journey of fertility, and she helped me to recognize the signs of my cycle every day through a deeper body awareness. I feel so empowered!

- Sara G., Business Consultant, Wichita, KS

Leilani Navar is a skilled healer and a genuine gift to the small remote community of Boulder. Her modern training in Chinese medicine, integrated with her intuitional knowing serves as a profound and professional foundation for holistic healing. Her curiosity and integrity show me a healer who is ever deepening her practice. I've been to her on occasions for both acute injury and minor. Her caring and compassionate presence, her deep listening, and communication all engender a wonderful healing atmosphere. I know Leilani especially through the practice of dreams, a profession in which I'm involved. Leilani, through study and experience, has an incredible capacity to "hear" the story of our body and soul through dreams. In consultations I have had with her we sometimes navigate from a particular dream. Leilani's rare combination of critical thinking, medical intelligence and poetic basis of mind makes her a unique healer who can combine many perspectives into a cohesive, accurate and effective holistic health practice.

- Matthew C., MA Depth Psychology, Wilderness Guide, Boulder, UT

Matthew C kind words Leilani Navar
Matt C kind words Leilani Navar
Melissa Kind Words for Leilani Navar at healgrowthriveflow

I watched Leilani’s online course, and we talked on the phone as I applied the things I learned from her course. Leilani has a deep, researched and intuitive knowledge about human bodies. She taught me about my own body, and what I learned definitely went beyond the Justisse Method we started with.

The interplay between the online course and the phone sessions was really helpful. Being able to talk things through as I tried to apply the principles in the course deepened my understanding.

Leilani is caring and compassionate, and those qualities in a coach are vital to real learning. I never felt judged and that helped me to embrace the process more fully and to discuss my questions openly.

Working with Leilani was informative, positive and healing.

- Melissa R., Construction Business Owner, Long Beach, CA

I have been seeing Leilani Navar for health support for three years. I began with getting a treatment for my back. I had immediate relief, and was surprised at her approach to my body as a whole, rather than just treating my back. I was so impressed with her skills that my whole family started seeing her for treatments and health support. She introduced me to Chinese medicine and I quickly realized that her understanding of the body system and health was on a whole new level. By nature she has a gift for caring for people that really sets her apart as a health care practitioner. She has taught us ways to improve our mental, emotional, and physical health, including performing acupressure on ourselves. In my family, appointment days with Leilani are looked forward to as a treat, and everyone counts down the days till it's their turn.

- Trina B., Rancher & Mom of 5, Boulder, UT

Kind Words Leilani Navar Trina B.

I need concrete data in order to make decisions about my health. The pain in my feet was data, as were the shrugs from the doctors, and while Leilani could not repair the nerve damage, she did eliminate the pain, another data point. Leilani's work on me has opened me to her deeper teachings, which are designed for me to ultimately take control of my own health. Providing me with useful and usable tools is what a good teacher should be doing.

- Dan P., Social Scientist, Boulder, UT

Leilani has been instrumental in helping me with my natural birth control and hormonal health journey. I watched her videos to learn the Justisse Method and have had many follow up sessions via Skype. What I really like about her is that she's non-judgmental, patient, and respectful. Learning the Justisse Method has helped me have a totally new understanding of my body and health. It's been fascinating and eye opening, and I think you need to have an instructor such as Leilani on your side.

- Sarah J., Wabash, IN

Working with Leilani to learn the Justisse Method has been wonderful. It really is like learning a new language and it's been invaluable to have a teacher I can go to each step of the way! Every body is different and the book does not always address my specific question. Working with Leilani has also helped me become more in tune with my body and overall health. She is an encouraging and gentle teacher and practitioner who offers guidance with no judgment!

- Ali B., Physical Therapist & Mother, Burlington, VT

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