A Point for People with Headaches, Stress & PMS: The Landscape of Your Body #1

Recognize this one? Large Intestine 4 might just be the most well-known acupressure point. But do you know how to find it on your own body?
Your body is a landscape of many rivers, trails, and landmarks. Watch this short video for directions.
I turn to this point for people wanting relief from stress, head or jaw pain, PMS – and almost any symptom that gets worse with stress.
It's on the Yangming Large Intestine channel, which is “abundant in Qi and Blood.” All the Qi and Blood in this channel generally means Large Intestine 4 is accessible and safe to stimulate. However, we do NOT use this point during pregnancy, or times of deep depletion (think: total exhaustion).
The Large Intestine channel is a Metal channel. If you're looking at your health (or your dreams) through the lens of the Five Elements, this point is a great way to connect with your Metal energy, especially when there's a lot of it, or it's "congested" or "stagnant."
If you want to see how this point affects a headache or jaw pain, find the most sensitive, tender spot in the area (you'll probably get the “ah shi” or “oh, that's it” feeling when you're on it). Hold that point with firm enough pressure that you feel “connected” to it. It might feel sore in a good way – but don't press so firmly that it's painful.
Take some deep, slow breaths. Give it a minute or two of steady pressure, or rubbing in small circles.
If you're looking to help your jaw, gently open and close your mouth to bring your body's attention to the jaw.
If you want to support better balance because you're dealing with a recurring symptom, like tension headaches or PMS, you could massage this point at least a few times per week, or even every day.
How'd it go?
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I'll be back next week with Point #2!

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