Work with Me

I support people looking to learn empowering tools that bring relief and healing.

I dive deep with people who love to explore dreams for meaning, insight, and inspiration.

You can get started right away, learning through one of my online courses.

Or join me for one or a series of personal consultations. We'll focus on what you need most.

We can build you your ideal Holistic Healing Toolkit, delve into Dreamwork for Healing, or take the steps to make sure you completely understand how Fertility Awareness works, and how it works for YOU.

"Leilani is more comprehensive than anyone else I have had experience with. She gives her knowledge and understanding freely without imposing on your intuition and interpretation. I am so grateful to have her support."

- Trina B., Rancher and Mom of 5, Boulder, Utah

Build Your Toolkit for healing and thriving

Let's develop the tools you need to heal and stay well, and let's make a plan to help you follow through and experience all the benefits.

In one or a series of calls, we'll go over your health concerns, your goals, your strengths and your challenges. We'll design a toolkit together for you. It might include:

  • acupressure self-massage
  • how to use your food as medicine
  • dreamwork and mind-body healing
  • herbal remedies
  • and/or ways you want to shift your lifestyle, work, or relationships to better support your health and happiness.

We'll figure out your best strategy for implementing these tools into your life. We'll track the changes in your symptoms (and your life!) as the weeks go by.

If you would love some help sorting through all the advice out there and developing a holistic wellness plan that works for YOU, and you want to be sure you follow through with it - I'm here for exactly that.

Problem-Solver (1 Focused Call): $150

Jump-Start (3 In-Depth Calls): $350

The Full Journey (6 In-Depth Calls): $600

This process is all about what you need most. Click below to contact me and learn more in a free 20-minute Discovery Call.

Add something to your toolkit right NOW with my online course, Acupressure for People with Anxiety. (Click the button below to get it for 10% off!)

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Dreamwork for healing, growth, and creativity

If you didn't already know, I love dreams. Their symbolic language - the characters, landscapes, stories, emotions and sensations. What they bring us - questions, insights, healing, and, always, mystery.

Over and over, I am struck by what a dreamer can realize about health and illness, balance and imbalance, and what is needed to become more whole.

If you love dreams too, and you're on a path of healing and growth, join me for one or a series of dreamwork calls.

If you're curious about dreams, even if you've never written down one of your dreams or done any dreamwork, I invite you to dive in with me.

And if you don't remember your dreams? If all you have is a fragment or a lingering emotion?

Bring it! Some of the deepest insights I've witnessed have come from seemingly tiny dream fragments.

This is for you if you feel stuck and want to get something moving; if you love stories and dreams; if you're excited about growing and understanding your own nature and your own story; and if you want to take better care of yourself naturally and holistically in the most meaningful ways for you.

If you decide you're ready for practical tools and concrete support, these Dreamwork calls blend with Build Your Toolkit calls. I can teach you personalized approaches to acupressure, food as medicine, emotional processing, and therapeutic exercise or lifestyle changes.

Contact me using the button below to schedule a free 20-minute Discovery Call.

Dive In (1 Dreamwork Session): $150

Dive Deep (3 Dreamwork Sessions): $350

Dream the Depths (6 Dreamwork Sessions): $600

And COMING SOON... I am so excited to be forming the Dreaming Den later on in 2020!

You can join a community of dreamers who

  • meet live online monthly
  • share dreams in writing as often as we like
  • and have access to live and recorded material from me about dreams, healing, and creativity.

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Fertility Awareness Consultations

When you don't want to get pregnant, knowing which days are fertile and which are infertile can set you free from the pill, the IUD, the shot, condoms - and a lot of worry.

But, trying to use natural birth control without a solid, personalized understanding of your own cycle can bring more anxiety than ever.

I created this online course so that you can easily, conveniently get the knowledge and the skills you need.

Then, we'll work together one-on-one to make sure you fully understand how the method works, and how it works for your own unique body and life. You don't have to spend any time confused.

When you DO want to get pregnant, I believe you should be able to make fully informed choices about your fertility.

Whether or not you choose to use medications and procedures, fully informed choice includes understanding your body, being able to assess your own reproductive health, and knowing exactly when to time intercourse for your best chance of conception.

You can get started right away with my online course, and then schedule one or a series of personal consultations with me. I look forward to getting to know you and supporting you on your journey.

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Thousand Lakes Health Center

If you are a local resident of Boulder, Utah or the surrounding area, or are planning a visit here, please click here to learn about making an appointment.

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