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Acupressure for People with Anxiety

If you tend toward an anxious state of mind-and-body, or have trouble settling down into a deep sleep, this course is for you.

You'll learn how to find powerful acupressure points on your own body, and treat them on yourself. These points are used to bring you more of what you need: calm and ease.

We'll go over some basic info about acupressure and how it helps balance your body and mind. You'll learn a Core Routine of self-care for anyone with anxiety. Plus, I've included some (optional) additional acupressure points for people who have other common symptoms, such as digestive issues, headaches, and insomnia.

At $29.99 and 1.5 hours of video, this course is affordable and digestible - I made it for you to USE right away. I'm confident you'll love having this tool right there in your own hands.

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Live Workshops: Eat to Heal; Self-Massage with Acupressure & More

I'm bringing my LIVE workshops ONLINE in 2020.

More affordable, digestible, actionable learning for you.

Coming up:

  • the real deal on eating to heal: how to plan and cook your meals so you can cut back on packaged food and actually love your veggies
  • the landscape of your body: acupressure points for well-being
  • dreams and health: diving deep into your own dreams for insights about getting well

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Dreamwork: Diving Deep

At The Dreamers Den, I host a podcast and facilitate a growing community of dreamworkers and the dream-curious.

We're diving deep together for the insight, inspiration, and connection that come when we engage with our dreams.

I'd love to have YOU there.

One-on-One Dream Coaching

When you want a full experience of engaging your own dreams, let's talk.

My one-on-one coaching sessions are all about helping YOU explore and discover what a dream is bringing you.

You'll let me know what's happening for you right now that really matters: in your health, your creative life, work, relationships, or whatever it may be.

We'll engage your dream with curiosity and flexibility until we arrive at the rich truths - or the new questions - that are waiting for you.

We can talk once: A single coaching session is U.S.$180.00 (Dreamers Den Members: U.S.$150.00)

Or we can embark on a journey: A six-session series is U.S.$900.00 (Dreamers Den Members: U.S.$780.00.)

Thousand Lakes Health Center

My in-person clinic primarily serves local residents of Bouldern Town, Utah and the surrounding area.

I also dive deep with folks from out of town who want to visit for at least 1-2 weeks for a series of treatments.

If you live in my neck of the woods, or are planning a visit here, please click the button below to learn about making an appointment.

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