Skills for Resilience by Leilani Navar

So, there are some reasons to be alarmed right now, and reasons to be taking action.

I feel there are the same reasons to be cultivating adaptability and resilience for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities.

I've been reflecting on the skills/mindsets that I hope will serve me, my family and our community no matter what we experience in the next 2, 5, 20+ years. What else would you put on this list?

1. Growing food and saving seed - This speaks for itself, right? Plus, it's a joy. This photo is me harvesting beets yesterday. Gardening is the one "chore" I never want to end.

2. Fertility Awareness for birth control - When times are tough and when times are easy, we're going to want to be able to make love and not necessarily make a baby, right? Imagine going through a time without access to the same tech, medical facilities, deliveries by truck of things wrapped in plastic... Fertility Awareness is invaluable knowledge.

3. Singing songs and telling stories - Old and deep and satisfying ways to make connection, meaning, entertainment, hope.

4. Growing and using medicinal plants - Know the plants that are your allies in urgent situations (infection, injury, stings, burns...) and in chronic discomfort (menstrual cramps, allergies...)

5. Savoring simple pleasures and cultivating contentment - May you fill yourself up with all that blesses you. I'm remembering with a smile Robin Wall Kimmerer's writing in her gorgeous book, Braiding Sweetgrass, about the Thanksgiving Address, and how gratitude is a radical act in a system of commerce that relies on you feeling deprived.

6. Cooperating with people you don't agree with - Because we're in this together.

7... 8... 9... ? Join me in this conversation on Facebook or Instagram and let me know what else you'd put on this list!