"There's always something there." Many women tell me that there's always some discharge when they check for cervical mucus: "I never have a Dry day." Maybe it's pasty and white, or maybe yellowish and gummy. Figuring out your "Basic Infertile Pattern" so you can still tell your infertile days from fertile ones is always possible - but if you're getting yellow discharge every day, we should ask some other questions about reproductive health.

Daily yellowish discharge can be a sign of a less-than-happy cervix. If you've been on the pill, your cervix might be vulnerable to irritation or abnormalities because of a lack of Folic Acid (folate). Hormonal contraceptives deplete us of this essential B vitamin, one the cervix especially needs. Lots of women who are coming off the pill can benefit from taking a multivitamin with at least 800mcg of folic acid. And, eat folate-rich foods, like leafy greens, legumes, asparagus, broccoli, oranges, root veggies, and whole grains. Lara Briden's Period Repair Manual has more great info on nutrition when you're coming off the pill.

If you haven't had a Pap smear in a while, you should get one. Rule out any abnormalities of your cervical cells. If you do have any atypia or dysplasia, know that there are natural treatments you can consider. Dr. Tori Hudson's book, Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, is one good resource for treatments.